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2 day tarangire safari

Last Minute Safari from Zanzibar/Dar es salaam 3 Day

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3 Day Last Minutes Safari from Zanzibar

This three-day last-minute safari departing from Zanzibar begins and concludes on Zanzibar Island, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a brief, spontaneous safari from Zanzibar. It's the ultimate package if you're eager to experience an authentic traditional wildlife safari in the Northern Circuit and have a keen interest in encountering the Big Five.

This last-minute tour is suitable for individuals of all ages because the three parks you'll explore are situated in close proximity to one another, minimizing travel distances. Commencing and concluding at Zanzibar Airport, this three-day Tanzanian safari guides you through three of the Northern Circuit's finest parks, including the renowned Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park, and the charming Lake Manyara National Park, a small but vibrant natural treasure in its own right.

Highlights of 3 Day Safari from Zanzibar

3 Days Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar at a glance

  • Day 1: Fly from Zanzibar to Arusha. Transfer to Tarangire National Park for safari.

  • Day 2: Descend to the Ngorongoro Crater’s floor for safari game drives

  • Day 3: Visit Lake Manyara National Park in the morning, take a flight back to Zanzibar

Detailed Itinerary for 3 Days last minutes safari from Zanzibar

Day by Day Plan

Day 1 - Zanzibar to Tarangire National Park

On the first day of your journey, you'll start your adventure at around 5:00 am with a hotel pickup (the exact time will depend on your hotel's location) and be transferred to Zanzibar Airport. You'll depart from Zanzibar at 8:00 am, arriving in Arusha around 9:00 am. From there, you'll be picked up at the airport and driven to Tarangire for a thrilling safari experience. Tarangire is a place where elephants leisurely roam the plains like cattle, lions roar, and zebras call out. During the dry season, Tarangire is known to have the largest elephant population in the world, making it an exceptional reason to explore Tarangire National Park. Here, you'll encounter magnificent baobab trees, termite mounds, lush grassy savannahs, and expansive swamps. Your safari in the park will continue until 5:00 pm, after which you'll head to the lodge for the night.


- Name: Heart and Soul Lodge

- Type: Lodge

- Level: Mid-range

Day 2 - Ngorongoro Crater Visit

Your second day starts with breakfast around 6:00 am, followed by an 8-hour adventure to Ngorongoro Crater. Ngorongoro Crater is one of the most astonishing and famous natural wonders globally, formed when a massive volcano erupted and collapsed approximately three million years ago. It's home to the highest concentration of large game in Africa, including all the members of the Big Five and numerous predators. This unique location is deservedly recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and it's a must-visit. The magic of Ngorongoro begins as you peer down into the mist-shrouded, densely wooded forest from the crater's edge. From there, you'll descend into a vast plain teeming with wildlife. The crater's steep walls rise from 400 to 610 meters from the crater floor, and it covers an area of 264 square kilometers (with a diameter of 19 kilometers). The original volcano's height must have been between 4,500 and 5,800 meters.


- Name: Eileen's Trees Inn

- Type: Lodge

Day 3 - Visit Lake Manyara National Park and Return to Zanzibar

The third and final day of your thrilling 3-day safari adventure from Zanzibar begins after breakfast at the lodge. Your safari guide will arrive at 8:00 am to pick you up. Your journey will start by heading to Lake Manyara National Park, known for its millions of flamingos and tree-climbing lions. You'll enjoy a full game drive until the afternoon, after which you'll proceed to Arusha Airport or Kilimanjaro to catch your flight back to Zanzibar. Upon arriving in Zanzibar, our dedicated transfer driver will be ready to transport you to your prearranged accommodation.


- Name: To be confirmed

- Type: To be confirmed

- Level: To be confirmed

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