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6-Day Tanzania Amazing Family Safari - Travel wise safari

Tanzania Amazing Family Safari in 6 Day


This 6-Day Family Safari and Culture Tour in Tanzania with Travel Wise Safari not only provides excellent family time, but also ensures that you can relax, knowing that your family is having as much fun as you are. With this in mind, we select hotels and lodges that provide a variety of family-friendly lodging options.

Our safari cars include a hatched roof for shade against the hot African heat, as well as an enlarged body with roomy seats for comfortable seating and leg stretching. The window seat is available to all guests. Cars also have refrigerators, power outlets, and VHF radio calls for quick and easy communication with the base office..

Our 6 Day family safari price and cost may differ due to some reasons like the type of accommodation and the number of people, but for 6 day budget family safari costs from 2,100 USD per person, For a Mid-range 6 day family safari costs from 2,500 USD per person and 6 Day Luxury Family safari cost 3,120 USD per person.


Below you will day by day itinerary for this six-day family friend Tanzania Safari  

Tanzania Family Safari itinerary


Embark on a family adventure in East Africa to explore its rich wildlife, history, people, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Explore the renowned Serengeti National Park, spanning nearly 15,000 square kilometers and home to a diverse range of animals. Additionally, delve into the region's human history by visiting the ancestral valleys of early humans and interacting with the Maasai community to learn about their customs and traditions, even trying your hand at preparing a local Swahili dish.

Key Highlights:
- Witness wildlife against the backdrop of stunning views at Ngorongoro Crater's rim and enjoy the enchanting sounds of African nights during an exciting camping experience. If you're seeking an unforgettable family adventure with friendly locals and exceptional game-viewing opportunities in Africa, this trip is one you won't forget. Experience the thrill of camping in the heart of nature and fall asleep to the captivating sounds of the African night.

Park to Visit :

  • - DAY 1 : Arusha- Tarangire

  • - DAY 2 : Tarangire - Serengeti

  • - DAY 3 : Serengeti (Full Day)

  • - DAY 4 : Serengeti – Ngorongoro

  • - DAY 5 : Ngorongoro (Full Day)- Manyara National Park

  • - DAY 6 : Manyara NP - Arusha

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