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2 day tarangire safari

3 Days / 2 Night Selous Safari Trip from Zanzibar

Can start any date

Can be customized


Suitable for Ages


Proffessional Guides

3 Day Safari Selous Game Reserve from Zanzibar Island

Embark on an immersive 3-day Selous Game reserve from Zanzibar , a journey that promises a captivating exploration of diverse wildlife in their natural habitats. Delve into the heart of the reserve through multiple game drives strategically designed to traverse various vegetation zones, maximizing your opportunities to witness a rich array of creatures thriving within the park. From the open savannahs to lush woodlands, each drive offers a unique perspective, ensuring an extensive and rewarding encounter with the remarkable wildlife that calls the Selous Game Reserve home. This meticulously crafted tour invites you to marvel at the wonders of nature, providing a comprehensive and detailed experience of the Selous Game Reserve's captivating ecosystems and inhabitants.

3 Day Nyerere National Park Higlights

  • Flights from Zanzibar are included

  • Tented camp accommodation is included

  • All meals will be served free of charge

  • Private tour ensures flexibility and personal attention from your guide

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