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Budget serengeti wildebeest migration safari tours

5-Day Affordable Camping Migration Safari from Zanzibar

5-Day Affordable Great Serengeti Migration Safari from Zanzibar

These 5 days budget-friendly Serengeti migration safari offers an opportunity to efficiently and affordably explore iconic wildlife sanctuaries worldwide. Journey through the mesmerizing terrains of Tarangire, Serengeti, and the enchanting Ngorongoro, known for its magnificent feline residents. These extraordinary destinations offer a memorable experience for any traveler, set against the stunning backdrop of Serengeti National Park.


  • Start Zanzibar (Day 1)

  • Day 1 Tarangire NP

  • Day 2-3 Serengeti NP

  • Day 4-5 Ngorongoro Crater

  • End Zanzibar (Day 5)

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