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All Inclusive Safari tours in Tanzania

All Inclusive Safari tours in Tanzania

A Safari to the most famous National park in Tanzania

All-Inclusive Safari tours in Tanzania - African tour packages

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with our all-inclusive Tanzania safari packages. Immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the African wilderness as you journey through Tanzania's renowned national parks and reserves. From the iconic Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater to the pristine plains of Tarangire and beyond, our carefully curated safari itineraries offer a seamless blend of thrilling wildlife encounters, breathtaking landscapes, and luxurious accommodations.


Whether you're seeking a classic Big Five safari, a cultural immersion with local tribes, or a romantic escape under the African stars, our all-inclusive packages cater to every traveler's dream. Let us handle all the details while you focus on creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Africa.

Top Reasons to go to All Tanzania National Parks for safari

  • The Great Wildebeest Migration

  • Breathtaking Landscapes

  • Unique National Park Wildlife

  • Meet the Maasai

  • Serengeti balloon Safari

  • Luxury lodges

  • Meet Hadzabe people

Tanzania Safari: Best time to go

The best time to visit Tanzania is from June to September or from late December to March. During these seasons, you can expect sunny and warm weather in the Serengeti with minimal chances of rain. However, some areas such as Seronera may feel crowded during these months. If you're looking for active wildlife, you might want to visit during the rainy season, which is from April to June or November. Although it may be wet, the animals are usually more mobile and easier to spot. For instance, during the rainy season, you can capture striking photos of elephants playfully spraying water at each other and herds of zebras marching through vibrant green grass.

All-Inclusive Tanzania Safari Tours & Packages

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Beste Fahrzeuge

Wir verwenden ausschließlich neue Land Cruiser, die zwischen 2016 und 2022 hergestellt wurden und mit einem Kühlschrank, WLAN und Steckdosen ausgestattet sind

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Unser Team aus qualifizierten Safari-Experten weiß, wie Sie Ihr Abenteuer individuell auf Ihren Reisestil abstimmen können

Lizenzierter Betreiber

Jährlich vom Ministerium für natürliche Ressourcen und Tourismus für Reiseveranstalteraktivitäten genehmigt


Wir inspizieren jede Lodge und jeden Park persönlich, bevor sie auf Ihrer Reiseroute landen

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