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When it comes to the safari experience, Tanzania’s stunning range of wildlifeand its many beautiful national parks and conservation areas make it the best place in Africa to go on safari. . Whether you choose to do your safari from the back of a truck or want to try something more adventurous such as guided hiking or even canoeing, there is a wealth of options to satisfy.

National Parks of Tanzania, such as Manyara Lake, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and the world famous Serengeti offer visitors the opportunity to see the fabled big five as well as countless other animals, birds, and insects the likes of which you cannot see elsewhere in the world.

Tanzania is also the traditional home of the Maasai people, and no visit to Tanzania would be complete without interacting with these people and paying a visit to the Cradle of Mankind at Olduvai Gorge. For the more adventurous, the opportunity to climb iconic Mount Kilimanjaro or the smaller but no less beautiful Mount Mara is also available. Those seeking sun, sand, and leisure can visit beautiful Zanzibar, a magnificent island retreat whose rich cultural history is every bit as fascinating as its jungles and beaches.

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Where to go in Tanzania, Best Places to visit in Tanzania

Sample our popular safaris in Tanzania like the 5 Day Safari in Tanzania  at affordable prices staying in lodges . 

Other than these the other wildlife conservation areas include game controlled areas like Loliondo and private game reserves like the Grumeti and the state owned Maswa Game Reserves. Others are the community based Wildlife Management areas like the Ikoma and the Wami in the south  of Tanzania.

We plan wildlife safaris all Tanzania Parks, as well as other wildlife areas in the country and the neighboring countries of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. You can Contact one of our safari experts for advise on the best time to visit the different parks in Tanzania.

Wildebeest Migration Tanzania

The national parks of Tanzania such as Arusha national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the most popular and famous park in the world Serengeti national park provide the visitors with an opportunity to spot the Wildlife of Tanzania such as the big five, beautiful birds of Tanzania, the great worlds wildebeest migration that cannot be found elsewhere on the planet.

Also Tanzania comprise different tribes with the taste of African traditions you won’t want to miss. The most famous Tanzanian’s tribe like the Maasai culture, the Datoga tribe, the famous bush men Hadzabe people any many others will make your visit in Tanzania to be of worthwhile with a cultural taste.

Ngorongoro_crater_park. Cultural Experiences-Travel Wise Safari

Tanzania is also rich in mountains and beaches, for mountain climbers we have your challenge to conquer, the world-famous African mountain Kilimanjaro Mountain, the Roof of Africa. For those beach lovers, Zanzibar is waiting for you to relax and massage yourself on the white sand while enjoying the view of blue water before you.

For real, Tanzania has much to offer to every traveler from every corner around the globe. Book with us and make you dream life safari come true. Once we meet you, we never forget you.


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Mount Kilimanjaro


Serengeti National Park


Ngorongoro Conservation Area 


Tarangire National Park

arusha-national Park

Arusha National Park


Lake Manyara National Park

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- Travel wise safari

Zanzibar Island


Mount Meru

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