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2 day tarangire safari

4 Day best of Tanzania Safari from Arusha - From $1,500

Can start any date

Can be customized


Suitable for Ages


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4 day safari starting from Arusha

Embark on an unforgettable 4-day safari from Arusha, where the beauty of Tanzania's wildlife and landscapes awaits you. Your adventure begins in Tarangire, a haven for elephants and diverse wildlife. Here, you'll witness the majesty of baobab trees and the harmonious coexistence of nature's creatures. The journey then takes you to the world-famous Serengeti National Park, where the endless plains come alive with the Great Migration, a spectacle that has captivated hearts for generations. Your heart will race as you witness the circle of life, from the thrilling predator-prey interactions to the serene beauty of the golden grasslands. Moving on to the Ngorongoro Crater, you'll be enchanted by this unique caldera, where a microcosm of Africa's wildlife thrives, and the chance to see the "Big Five" is ever-present. A 4-day safari from Arusha is a truly immersive experience, weaving together nature's wonders in a tapestry of adventure and awe.

4 Day Safari from Arusha Summary

Day 1 - Tarangire National Park 

  • Accommodation - Heart and Soul Lodge 

Day 2 - Serengeti National Park 

  • Accommodation - Serengeti Heritage Tented Camp

Day 3 - Ngorongoro Crater 

  • Accommodation - Rhino Lodge 

Day 4 - Ngorongoro crater game drive back to Arusha

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