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6 Days safari-enjoy all the nearby parks

6 Day Safari

6 Days safari-enjoy all the nearby parks

Discover the northern part of Tanzania on this  6 day Tanzania Safari. The Ngorongoro Crater is for most people one of the reasons to come to Tanzania. It is home to the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa, including the Big Five. One of the lovely smaller parks, Lake Manyara, is known for its breathtaking scenery, soda lake full of flamingos and outstanding bird life. You will finish your safari in the kingdom of the elephants, Tarangire National Park. The hilly landscape, with majestic Baobab trees against the blue sky, is breathtaking.

This private safari experience provides you with the freedom to explore at your preferred speed, tailored to your preferences. You will have your own dedicated safari vehicle and guide. The accommodations we have carefully chosen for this safari are of Silver class standard. If you desire a higher level of luxury, you have the option to select Gold or Platinum class hotels.

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