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Climb Mount Meru in 4 Days is the best for acclimatization prior to Mount Kilimanjaro climb; The Mountain is the third highest peak in Africa and is the second-highest mountain in Tanzania at 4,568m.

Arrive at the Kilimanjaro International or similar Airport, pick up and transferred to the  Hotel in Arusha for overnight bed and breakfast.

Mount Meru Climb Overview

Mount Meru, situated in Tanzania, ranks as the second tallest mountain in the country and the fifth highest in all of Africa. It stands out as the sole prominent and active stratovolcano that remains isolated in East Africa. Approximately 7,800 years ago, a massive eruption occurred, causing significant damage to Meru's upper slopes and resulting in the formation of a distinctive oblong caldera spanning 8 km/5 mi wide, which is open towards the east. The primary summit lies on the western edge of this caldera, perched above a striking and still active Ash Cone situated inside the caldera. Meru falls just below the snowline, so its slopes lack glaciers or snowfields. Allotting around four days for ascending Meru is advisable due to the substantial increase in elevation, although it is possible to complete the trek in three or five days. Climbers have access to huts on the mountain, and firewood is provided. The ascent involves traversing grassland and forest on the lower slopes of the mountain, where one can observe grazing animals. At higher elevations, hikers navigate along the awe-inspiring crater rim to reach the summit. Apart from being a rewarding and visually captivating trek on its own, climbing Meru serves as excellent acclimatization for those planning to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro. Before commencing the ascent, it is necessary to obtain advance permission from the park warden at Momella Gate.

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