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Marangu Route - Climb Kilimanjaro - 5 days

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5 Days

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5 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route

Embark on an awe-inspiring adventure with the 5-day Mount Kilimanjaro climb via the Marangu Route, as you delve into the magnificence of Africa's highest peak. The Marangu Route, also known as the "Coca-Cola" route, offers a remarkable journey that combines thrilling challenges with breathtaking vistas. Over the course of five days, you will navigate through diverse landscapes, from dense rainforests teeming with exotic wildlife to vast alpine meadows adorned with vibrant flora. As you ascend, each day presents a new chapter, culminating in a triumphant summit attempt at Uhuru Peak, standing proudly at 5,895 meters above sea level. Along the way, experienced guides will lead you, ensuring your safety and sharing their wealth of knowledge about the mountain's history and culture. The Marangu Route, known for its huts offering comfortable accommodation, grants you an opportunity to recharge each night, making this journey both challenging and accessible for adventurers of various skill levels. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Mount Kilimanjaro and create lifelong memories as you conquer its mighty heights via the Marangu Route.

Overview of 5 Day climb Kilimanjaro via Marangu route

Plan your 5 Days Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Climb
The 5 Days Marangu Route, famously known as the “Coca-Cola” route as you can get a bottle of Coca-Cola at each hut, is the original route established to climb Kilimanjaro. The Marangu route is often billed as one of the easier walking routes, however, according to KINAPA it suffers from the lowest success rate (42%) as too many climbers try to do it in only 5 days and fail because of poor acclimatization. We’ve built in an extra day’s acclimatization for you, greatly improving the success rate

The Marangu route is one of the foremost popular routes to the summit of Kilimanjaro. This 5 Days Kilimanjaro Climb Trekking Marangu Route could partly be as a results of the very fact that the Marangu is that the least expensive route but more so perhaps the very fact that it’s possible to undertake to to the Marangu route in 5 day thereby getting to the summit at some point earlier compared to the Machame route this is often often not always the simplest way because of a shorter acclimatization period.

The 5 Days Kilimanjaro Climb Trekking Marangu Route does however provide you with the selection of paying a further acclimatization day on the mountain. This extends the route into a 6 days climbing Kilimanjaro greatly increasing your chances of success Shared hut accommodation on the 5 day Kilimanjaro Climb Marangu route, the route forms one of the foremost differences compared to the other routes It offers you the relative luxury of getting the power to sleep in huts along the entire route. drinking water soft drinks,chocolates and beers are also sold within the least the camps on this route all of your equipment and supplies are pottered and a cook prepares all of your meals here we’ll start our tour

Frequently asked questions

Although many people are led to believe this is one of the easiest routes, it’s actually considered difficult because of the speed by which you ascend. This is especially true on the 5 day itinerary where many people suffer from lack of acclimatization. The 6 day option is easier, however, a good level of fitness is still required.


The total trekking distance for the Marangu Route is 70km or 43 miles.


Because it has one of the shortest itineraries on the mountain, the Marangu Route has the lowest summit success rates. This is mainly due to unprofessional local operators taking people up the mountain on short 5 day itineraries. Because of this, the 5 day average success rate is under 50%! Here at Kandoo we only take the 6 day option which means that our summit success rate on the Marangu route is over 85%!


The Marangu Route ascends through rainforest, moorlands and alpine areas before finishing in the glacial zone. Whilst the trek is very beautiful, this is the only route in which you descend back down the same trail.

Accommodation and food
The accommodation is in good huts, either dormitory or smaller four bed A-frames. The lower huts have spacious dining rooms, where you will be served meals cooked by your guide. All food and kitchen equipment will be carried by the porters and cooked by an experienced cook. It will be plentiful and wholesome, but may be limited by the circumstances. Beer and soft drinks are available at the huts. Your own supply of chocolate and high energy snacks is a good idea.

Water is available at several points and should be purified before drinking. All water at the huts will be boiled and some provided for drinking the next day. A comforting tip is to fill your bottle in the evening with boiled water for the next day, and to use it as a hot water bottle overnight. There are water points between the huts – check with your guide.

Tour Features

Budget tour

This budget tour uses mountain huts and hotels.

Can be customized

You can request minor changes to the accommodations and destinations of this tour.

Shared tour or Private

On this shared tour or private, you will join a group of other travelers. Max 12 people per group or alone

Suitable for single travelers

Single travelers can join this group tour.

Can start any day

If availability permits, this tour can start on any day.

Minimum age of 10 years

The minimum age for this tour is 10 years.

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