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Arusha National Park Safaris

Arusha National Park is known for the black-and-white colobus monkeys, Mount Meru, swamps, lakes, waterfalls and craters! A beautiful park with a wide diversity of landscapes and wildlife

Arusha National park day trip

Visiting Arusha National Park  for one day trip Safari from the town of Arusha, a mere 45-minute journey, offers a highly rewarding experience. It is the most accessible park in Tanzania and provides the perfect setting for walking and canoeing safaris, allowing visitors to get closer to the action than any other park in the country. Additional fees are required for both walking and boat safaris. While major predators are absent from the park, it boasts Africa's largest giraffe population and a variety of primate species. A trip to Arusha National Park is an ideal day out for our tourists after a strenuous day of hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or waiting for their next flight. We offer a one-day tour to this stunning park, which is fantastic all year round, to ensure that our visitors don't miss out on this unique Tanzania wildlife adventure. Arusha National Park is renowned for its enchanting forest trails, expansive grassy plains, stunning lakes, and rushing rivers, making it one of Tanzania's most visually stunning and topographically diverse parks.

Image by Magdalena Kula Manchee
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