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tanzania camping safari

ДОСТУПНЫЙ кемпинг-сафари в Танзании

Пакеты для кемпинга и сафари в Танзании

Мы организуем походные сафари - возможность погрузиться в природу, оставаясь в своей палатке, слушая рычание львов во время трапезы и смех гиен над остатками еды. Наш квалифицированный повар и гид по сафари обеспечат незабываемые впечатления.

Ваш личный повар не только приготовит вам еду, но и позаботится об установке палатки, что сделает это сафари беспроблемным. Вам не нужно будет беспокоиться о еде или размещении; мы позаботимся обо всем. Мы поставляем все туристическое снаряжение, включая спальные мешки, палатки, матрасы, наволочки и простыни.

Кемпинговые сафари более популярны в Северной Танзании, которая охватывает национальный парк Серенгети, кратер Нгоронгоро, озеро Маньяра, национальные парки Тарангире, а также национальные парки Аруша и Килиманджаро. В южной части мы предлагаем национальный парк Ньерере, национальный парк Микуми, национальный парк Руаха и национальный парк горы Удзунгва.

Для безопасного, качественного и доступного по цене кемпингового сафари в Танзании выберите Travel Wise Safari в качестве предпочтительного туроператора.

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Опыт сафари в кемпинге в Танзании

What should I expect on a Tanzania camping safari?

On a Tanzania camping safari, you'll embark on an authentic adventure amidst the African bush, immersing yourself in nature like never before. Typically, you'll explore either the Northern or Southern safari circuit, setting up camp within or near the parks included in your itinerary. A skilled cook will handle meal preparations, conjuring up delightful dishes despite limited facilities. While you may assist in pitching tents, our team is always available to lend a hand. The campsite serves as your base for thrilling game drives into the park.


A typical day on safari begins with an early wake-up call, followed by a dawn game drive to witness predator activity. You'll return to camp for brunch and a brief respite during the midday heat before venturing out on afternoon drives or other activities. Some days may entail full-day adventures with packed lunches. While travel times between parks on the Northern circuit are relatively short, expect longer drives if exploring the south. However, scenic views along the route ensure the journey is never dull.

What's the cost of this safari?

Determining the exact cost of a Tanzania camping safari package can be challenging due to various factors. Generally, we recommend budgeting at least US$200 per person per day (excluding international flights). Tanzania's parks and reserves are renowned for their beauty, but accessing them comes at a price. Camping offers a budget-friendly alternative, providing a closer connection to nature and enhancing the safari experience. The level of camping varies among operators, impacting factors like tent size, amenities, and meal quality. Additionally, accommodation location, group size, and travel season influence overall costs, with premium rates during peak seasons.

What facilities are available at Tanzanian campsites?

Public campsites within national parks offer basic amenities such as ablution blocks, cooking areas, and limited power supply. Operators may provide additional equipment based on the camping tour level, including dining tents and lighting. Camping within parks offers unparalleled wildlife encounters and immersive nature experiences, complete with nocturnal animal sounds echoing through the night. Private campsites outside parks tend to offer better facilities, such as restaurants, shops, and improved ablution facilities, albeit with a less rustic atmosphere.

Are campsites fenced in Tanzania?

Public campsites within national parks are unfenced, allowing wildlife to roam freely. While predators typically keep their distance during the day, nocturnal visits from various creatures are common. However, most campsites have resident animals accustomed to human presence. Private campsites outside parks are typically fenced, making them suitable for travelers with young children.

What are the pros and cons of a Tanzania camping safari?

A Tanzania camping safari offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and save on costs compared to lodge safaris. Camping within parks provides a unique and immersive experience, with campfires and animal noises enhancing the adventure. Reputable operators ensure a comfortable camping setup, but those who prefer solid accommodations may find camping challenging. Additionally, setting up and breaking down camp can be time-consuming, and some travelers may prefer the convenience of lodges.

Is it possible to mix camping and alternative accommodations?

Yes, many camping safaris offer a mix of camping and alternative accommodations, such as guesthouses or hotels. Some safaris begin and end with hotel stays to ease travel fatigue, while others incorporate alternative accommodations near certain parks. This flexibility allows travelers to experience camping in the bush while enjoying the comforts of traditional lodging when desired.

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