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12 Days Tanzania and safari is the safari combination that gives you a real test of an African Adventure, you get to see All-Big fives Animals , wildebeest migration in Serengeti, and finally climb up to the Roof of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro combined safari is a brilliant Tanzania holiday for energetic people who are eager to discover more. The highlights of this trip is climbing the astounding Kilimanjaro Mountain and a short Northern Tanzania safari to the parks of Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Crater each with special atmosphere and wildlife. Kilimanjaro and short Tanzania safari starts when we meet you at Kilimanjaro international airport and take you to Mvuli hotel in Arusha for dinner & overnight.

Please contact our Kilimanjaro & safari experts for a tailor-made package based on your ideas & budget as we always have something for everyone. Karibu Sana!

During your precious 12 days of Kilimanjaro combined safari in Tanzania you will have 6 days for Kilimanjaro trekking on Machame route & 5 days Tanzania mid-range lodge safari.

12 Days Kilimanjaro trekking Combined Safari in Tanzania

Climbing the free standing Mt. in Africa Kilimanjaro on Mahame route 6 days

Visiting the famous Northern Tanzania Park with some cultural encounter when interacting with bushmen at Lake Eyasi

Spot enormous wildlife that you have never thought possible

Experience the Great Serengeti Wildebeest Migration, the big cats & the big 5

Trip Style

Comfort & private – Clean private transfer car from Kilimanjaro international airport to your lodge in Arusha & for safari is a private 4 x 4 safari Land Cruiser with photographic roof thatch (window seat guarantee for everybody), driven by a profession, well experienced local safari driver guide who will take you to amazing areas which will leave you with wonder & excitement. Accommodation during trekking is camping while on safari is nice small mid-range lodges & tented camps.

mount kilimanjaro and tanzania safari

Kilimanjaro Combined Safari Program

Mount Kilimanjaro Itinerary

Day 01-Arrival day for your Mt Kilimanjaro and Safari tour.

On this day you will arrive into Kilimanjaro International Airport where our operations Manager or our Kilimanjaro climbing experts will meet you outside the arrivals hall and usher you into a waiting transfer car that is private for you and your travel companions. You will be transferred to a hotel in Moshi if you would fancy staying in the base town for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or to a lodge at Machame village that lies at the foot of the mountain. Overnight at Aishi Machame Hotel or Park View Inn. Dinner included.

Day 2 - (Kilimanjaro Climb) Machame Gate - Machame Camp.

After breakfast at your lodge at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro (the rooftop of Africa)  you will be transferred to the Machame Park Gate which lies at; (5,870 ft./ 1,790 mt.). Here you will be dropped at the Park’s Machame Gate for registering with the park authority, then we’ll begin our climb through the lower altitudes of the lush green forest. While trekking you will likely hear the sounds of many exotic birds in the thick canopy above you, and with a little luck even see the beautiful black & white colobus monkeys and the mischievous Sykes monkeys. As you hike along the knotted roots you will continue on to some heathland before we reach your first Mountain Camp where you will spend the night. Overnight will be at Machame Camp which lies at (9,875 feet). Today you will have hiked 5-7 hours of walking, and the camp is just above the forest zone. The trek is not steep but quite a long walk as you may realize in this day. All meals included.

Day 3 - (Kilimanjaro Climb) Machame Camp to Shira Camp.

This is the third day at Tanzania but your second day on the Mountain. After a healthy breakfast today your trek will be happening across the beautiful heathland and afro-alpine moorland and here you will have (on a clear day) some magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro Peak. The trek begins up the steep track through a savannah of tall grasses, and trees of Giant Heather and Erica. You will on this day scramble around some large boulders during your trek as you enter the moorland zone, which is distinctively marked by Giant lobelia and senecia plants, with volcanic rocks draped with lichen beards, which serve to protect wild alpine flowers that grow at their bases. This day you will spend the night at Shira Camp along Machame Route which lies around (12,615 feet) having walked for some 4-5 hours on this day. All meals included.

Day 4 (Kilimanjaro Climb) Shira Camp to Barranco Camp.


Breakfast at the camp and off we are on the go again!. We are now drawing nearer to the peak, and on this day we get closer to the Lava Tower. On this day the trek becomes a little bit more strenuous because the trail now steepens as we approach to the lava Tower; which is a magnificent 300 foot tall volcanic plug which marks an exposed pass at around 15,000 feet.

This afternoon we descend the steep track into the floor of the Great Barranco Valley. Here you will reach Barranco Camp which is set on a col (flat area) which is enclosed on three sides with steep valley walls and the Kibo massif itself. The beautiful hanging glaciers glint and sparkle in the sunshine above (depending on the weather on this day), amidst the eerie landscape of some plants such as the giant groundsels (scientifically known as – Senecio Kilimanjari), and the endemic Giant Lobelia trees. After a 5 to 6 hours ascent on this day you will arrive at today’s overnight stop at Barranco Camp which is set at around; (12,990 feet). All meals included.

Day 5 - (Kilimanjaro Climb) Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp.

Breakfast at the Mountain Camp in the morning and then the day will begin with a descent into the Gorge, before we continue with climbing its eastern wall. Here you will be able to enjoy stunning views of Kilimanjaro’s ice fields, which is by no doubt an equatorial anomaly. We will then continue trekking up by following the lava ridge until we reach the Barafu camp our campsite for tonight. The temperature by this time and at thus far will have grown colder and the landscape’s vegetation more sparse as you near Barafu Camp. The Barafu Camp is set on a small, exposed flat area on a ridge, and the camp acts as the base camp from which we will make the summit attempt starting from midnight later tonight. After an early dinner this evening you will relax early ready for midnight start. The Barafu Camp  is set at (15,225 feet) and reaching here today you will have walked for about 6 to 7 hours. All meals included.

Day 6 - (Mount Kilimanjaro Climb) Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Camp.

This is the big day! Just after midnight we wake up and start on the ‘final assault’ of a challenging trek lasting about (12 to 17 hours of trekking). First we begin trekking at around 12:00 or any time until 1.00 am (depending on physical ability – the guide will have assessed by now), passing between the Rebmann Glacier and Tarzel glaciers to the rim until reaching at The Stella Point one of the milestone points up the Mount Kilimanjaro. Here the temperatures range from just below freezing at midnight, to between 10 deg. F (approx -12 deg. C) to –10 F. (approx -23 deg. C) just before dawn at the summit (quite cold by African Standards). As dawn nears, we will reach the summit at Uhuru Peak, which is the highest point in Africa at 19,341 feet (approx 5895 meters above sea level). Uhuru Peak will be the culmination of – and the reward for an approximately 6 -7 hours of strenuous upward hiking. After a quick session of celebrating your achievements and taking photos at the Peak we will descend back to the Barafu Camp where we started earlier. Here we rest for a while then continue with our descent down to Mweka Camp (10,105 feet, 3-4 hours of walking on the descent). This is a long but rewarding day. Drink a lot of water and listen to the guide’s advise at all times!. All meals included.


Day 7 - (End of Mount Kilimanjaro Climb) Mweka Camp to Park Gate – Arusha town.

Breakfast at the Mweka Camp on this last day of your trek then you will make your final descent to the Mweka Gate of Mt Kilimanjaro and Kilimanjaro National Park. This is a downhill walk that takes you about two to three hours. AT the Park Gate you will bid farewells to your Mount Kilimanjaro guide and porters, then a waiting car will take you to Arusha where you will relax ready for your Tanzania safari starting tomorrow, touring the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit. Overnight at Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa or at Mvuli Hotel in the outskirts of Arusha town. Breakfast  included.

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