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African Safari and Climbing Kilimanjaro

Your Tanzania Tour Trip Experts - Travel Wise Safari

Travel Wise Safari is proud to be Tanzania’s Local independent travel Company. Although our roots are firmly planted in the North of Tanzania, we’ve been booking holidays for customers across Tanzania and the Zanzibar Islands and we are proud to say there isn’t much we don’t know about the Tanzanian holidays we offer.

Safaris in Tanzania is good for Mountain Climbing and exploring wildlife due to incredible inherited surroundings and geographical features that make it one of the most astonishing tourist destinations on the planet. Tanzania consists of 17 national parks which makes this a place to explore many animals, plants, and invertebrates providing diverse options for package deals or safaris.

Also, Travel Wise Safari is very close to the community; 10% of our profits are donated to the community. Travel-Wise Safari also helps the community by connecting and finding people to volunteer; if you are a teacher, you can volunteer at our local schools; if you are a doctor, you can volunteer at our local hospitals. Similarly, you will assist us in our hospitals; anyone is welcome to volunteer.

We also collaborate closely with the Arusha-based children's center Osiligi Children Foundation.

Best Vehicles

We use only new Land Cruisers produced in 2016-2022 and fitted with a fridge, Wi-Fi and sockets

Start Planning

Our team of qualified safari experts knows how to tailor your adventure to your individual travel style

Licensed Operator

Annually approved for tour operating activities by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

Quality Control

We personally inspect every lodge and park before they land on your travel itinerary


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"You will see things you thought only happened on TV, and you will meet people who make you sad to say goodbye. There will be moments that take your breath away and those that bring tears to your eyes."

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