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Airstrips in Serengeti National Park

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Airstrips in Serengeti National Park
Airstrips in Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is a famous place in Tanzania that lots of people visit because it has many amazing things to see. It's been called the best park in Africa many times, and it's considered the top park in the world for wildlife safaris. The park is special because of its short plants and huge, flat areas. This makes it easier to see lots of wild animals, and it's a one-of-a-kind experience. In Serengeti, you can find the most predators in the world, like lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas. It's also where one of the biggest animal migrations happens, where about 1.5 million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles move to Kenya's Maasai Mara national reserve, and some predators, like lions, follow them. It's an incredible place for seeing wildlife and nature!

In Serengeti National Park, getting close to the wonders of wildlife and nature is made easier with strategically located airstrips. These are like special landing areas for small planes that let travelers quickly reach different parts of the park. Imagine having your own runway to explore the vast Serengeti! Each airstrip serves a specific area, like the central Seronera for easy access, the northern Lobo for Great Migration views, the far north Kogatende for Mara River excitement, the southern Ndutu for the calving season, and the western Kirawira for the diverse Grumeti Reserves. These airstrips are like magical gateways, making your Serengeti adventure smooth and full of incredible wildlife moments.

Seronera Airstrip.

Seronera Airstrip stands out as the largest airstrip in Serengeti National Park, offering connectivity for both small regional aircraft and domestic chartered flights. Positioned at the heart of the park in the village of Seronera, it serves as a crucial gateway for visitors exploring this iconic wildlife destination. Approximately a 2-hour drive from Naabi Hill and Ndabaka Gates, it provides convenient access to renowned lodges like Four Seasons, Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge, One Nature Nyaruswiga, Lemala Ewanjan Camp, Siringit Camp, Lemala Nanyukie, Ehlane Plains, and Namiri Plains.

For those staying at these lodges or engaging in activities such as game drives in the Seronera section of the Serengeti, transfers to and from the Seronera Airstrip are highly recommended for a seamless experience. Moreover, the airstrip is conveniently situated near the Serengeti Tourist Information Center, two fuel stations, shops, pubs, and a pharmacy. Notable locations in proximity to Seronera Airstrip include Pimbi Campsite (1 km), Seronera Visitor Information Centre (5 km), Seronera Settlement (5 km), Tumbili Campsite (6 km), Nyani Camping (7 km), and Nguchiro Campsite (1 km). The central location and accessibility of Seronera Airstrip make it a key hub for those embarking on an unforgettable safari adventure in Serengeti National Park.

Airstrips in Serengeti National Park
Airstrips in Serengeti National Park

Kogatende Airstrip

Kogatende Airstrip serves as a key access point to some renowned accommodations in the northern Serengeti National Park, including Singita Mara River Tented Camp, Lemala Kuria Hills, Serengeti Bushtops, Nomad Lamai, and Kimondo Migration Camp. Strategically located on the southern banks of the Mara River, this airstrip is approximately 2 kilometers away from Larelamangi Salt Lick, 7 kilometers from Bologonja Gate, 1 kilometer from Klein Gate, and 3 kilometers from Lobo Kopjes.

Ideal for visitors engaging in tourist activities like game drives in the southern Serengeti National Park, Kogatende Airstrip also accommodates those spending the night in accommodations in the northern Serengeti. Positioned just a few kilometers south of the Kenya-Tanzania border, it serves as the most convenient airport for accessing the isolated section of the Serengeti, offering panoramic views of the stunning scenery.

Kogatende Airstrip becomes especially significant during the annual wildebeest migration, a spectacle where millions of wildebeests and thousands of zebras, Grant’s, and Thomson gazelles cross from Serengeti National Park to Maasai Mara National Reserve in the event known as the Mara River Crossing. This makes Kogatende Airstrip a vital hub for those seeking to witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon in the northern Serengeti.

Serengeti Kusini airstrip

The Serengeti Kusini airfield holds a strategic position where the annual wildebeest migration commences, offering travelers a chance to witness this incredible natural spectacle right from the airstrip. Situated in a popular spot within Serengeti National Park, it is near Kusini Kopjes and just a few kilometers south of Maswa Game Reserve. Additionally, it is in close proximity to landmarks like Mawe Ya Samba Kopjes (2 kilometers), Kusini Kopjes (1 kilometer), Maswa Game Reserve (9 kilometers), Soito Kopjes (9 kilometers), and Itiganya Kopjes (8 kilometers).

During the wildebeest migration, the Serengeti Kusini airfield is conveniently located near lakes Ndutu, Lake Masek, Lake Elemeti, and Lake El Dabsh, serving as calving grounds for wildebeests and zebras. This strategic positioning allows easy access to accommodations such as Sanctuary Kusini Camp, Kimondo Migration Camp, Serengeti under Canvas, Nomad Serengeti Camp, and others. The proximity to both the migration path and key natural features makes the Serengeti Kusini airfield an ideal gateway for those seeking an immersive safari experience in this remarkable part of Serengeti National Park.

Airstrips in Serengeti National Park
Airstrips in Serengeti National Park

Sasakwa Airstrip

Situated within the Singita Grumeti Reserves, Sasakwa Airstrip is positioned along the western edge of Serengeti National Park, north of the Western Corridor. Covering 400 acres of pristine wilderness, this location is an integral part of the renowned migration path that lures hundreds of thousands of animals annually. The Singita Grumeti Reserves boast diverse habitats, including expansive open plains, rocky outcrops, riverine forests, and woodlands typical of the Serengeti, maintaining a year-round resident population of various species due to its expansive size.

Several exceptional lodges, including Singita Sabora Tented Camp, Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Singita Faru Faru, and Andbeyond Grumeti Tented Camp, are easily accessible from Sasakwa Airstrip due to their proximity. When staying at these lodges and exploring the surrounding areas on game drives, opting for transfers or flights from Sasakwa Airstrip is highly recommended, given their close proximity to the airstrip. This ensures convenient and efficient travel, allowing visitors to make the most of their time in the Singita Grumeti Reserves and the broader Serengeti National Park.

Kirawira B Airstrip

Kirawira B Airfield is situated in the western region of Serengeti National Park, near the Grumeti River. It is conveniently located approximately 3 hours from Mwanza, Tanzania's second-largest city, and only half an hour from Ndabaka Gate. The airstrip serves as a vital transportation hub for visitors accessing the western part of Serengeti National Park.

Kirawira B Airfield is strategically positioned, being 4 kilometers away from the Kirawira migration cross point, 8 kilometers from Grumeti Game Reserve, 8 kilometers from Handajenga Gate, 2 kilometers from Ndabaka Gate, and 7 kilometers from Balili Observation Point. This makes it an ideal choice for those traveling from Mwanza, providing efficient access to key points of interest within the western region of Serengeti National Park. Whether witnessing the migration or exploring the diverse landscapes of the park, Kirawira B Airfield is a convenient starting point for an unforgettable safari experience.

Fort Ikoma Airstrip

Fort Ikoma Airstrip is a small and infrequently used airstrip, mainly due to its close proximity to Seronera Airstrip. Nestled in the Serengeti National Park, it is strategically positioned with Serengeti to the south, Grumeti to the west, and Ikongoro to the east. Situated adjacent to Seronera Airstrip in the northwestern part of the park, Fort Ikoma Airstrip provides a convenient alternative for those looking for access in this region.

Despite its limited use, the airstrip is located within 3 kilometers from Fort Ikoma, Fort Ikoma Campsite, and Retina Hippo Pool. It is also situated 1 kilometer from Fort Ikoma Gate and Nyabogati Hippo Pool. While Fort Ikoma Airstrip may not be as widely utilized as some others in the region, its strategic location makes it a viable option for those seeking access to specific areas within the Serengeti National Park.

Lobo airstrip

Lobo Airstrip is a significant landing spot that caters to both Serengeti National Park and nearby destinations. Nestled in the remote north-eastern section of Serengeti National Park, specifically in the Lobo area, this airstrip provides access to various lodges, including Andbeyond Klein’s Camp, Beyond Serengeti under Canvas, and Taasa Lodge.

Strategically located near the eastern boundary of Serengeti National Park, south of the Lobo communities, Lobo Airstrip is renowned for its abundance of lions and its proximity to both public and private campsites. Positioned 6 kilometers from Lobo Kopjes, Lobo Campground, and Klein’s Gate, 7 kilometers from Bologonja Springs, and 8 kilometers from Ngare Naironya Airstrip, it serves as a central hub for travelers exploring this unique part of the park.

Lobo Airstrip not only accommodates visitors undertaking tourism activities in the Lobo area of Serengeti National Park's north-eastern zone but also caters to those looking to spend their nights in the park's facilities in this scenic and wildlife-rich region. Its strategic location makes it a key entry point for an unforgettable safari experience in the northeastern part of Serengeti National Park.

Arriving in Serengeti by air is a truly remarkable experience that not only saves valuable time but also opens up opportunities for a richer and more immersive exploration of this iconic wilderness. Unlike the extended hours required for a road journey, flying into Serengeti allows you to maximize your time on safari, ensuring that every moment is dedicated to the awe-inspiring landscapes and abundant wildlife.

The convenience of air travel eliminates the need for long drives, offering a swift and comfortable transition into the heart of the national park. This means less time in transit and more time marveling at the breathtaking vistas, engaging in game drives, and experiencing the unique ecosystems that make Serengeti a world-renowned safari destination.

The aerial approach not only enhances the efficiency of your journey but also provides a bird's-eye view of the expansive plains, meandering rivers, and diverse habitats below. It sets the stage for an adventure that begins with the thrill of landing in a vast, untamed expanse, ready to be explored.

In essence, choosing air travel to reach Serengeti is not just a means of transportation; it's a gateway to a more profound and time-efficient safari experience, ensuring that every moment is dedicated to the wonders that await in this extraordinary corner of the natural world.

Embarking on a fly-in safari with Travel Wise Safari is a seamless and expertly guided experience designed to elevate your journey into the heart of Africa's iconic landscapes. As specialists in crafting unforgettable adventures, our team ensures a smooth and efficient travel experience from the moment you take flight.

Choosing a fly-in safari with Travel Wise Safari means entrusting your journey to seasoned experts who prioritize your comfort, safety, and the optimization of your precious time. By leveraging air travel, we eliminate the need for long road transfers, allowing you to swiftly reach your destination and immerse yourself in the wonders of the safari without unnecessary delays.

Our team understands the intricacies of air travel logistics, coordinating your flights to align seamlessly with your itinerary. This strategic approach not only enhances your overall experience but also grants you more time to explore, discover, and marvel at the diverse ecosystems and wildlife that define the beauty of destinations like Serengeti National Park.

Our Safari Package

Whether it's landing near the vibrant Kogatende or the picturesque Seronera, Travel Wise Safari's expertise ensures that your fly-in safari unfolds effortlessly. From the thrill of takeoff to the moment you touch down in the heart of the wilderness, our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your journey is carefully orchestrated, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories in the captivating landscapes of Africa.

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