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2 day safari from zanzibar

2-дневное короткое сафари с Занзибара

2-дневное сафари с Занзибара | 2-дневное сафари с вылетом из Занзибара

​Это 2-дневное сафари из Занзибара объединяет два лучших национальных парка Танзании - Тарангире и кратер Нгоронгоро. У вас будет возможность увидеть Большую пятерку и более удивительную дикую природу.​​

Национальный парк Тарангире особенно привлекателен в сухой сезон, когда река Тарангире становится жизненно важным источником воды для животных. Здесь обитает самая большая в Танзании популяция слонов, и когда стада антилоп гну и зебр мигрируют к реке, вы станете свидетелями динамичного проявления силы природы, привлекающей львов, леопардов и гиен.​
Затем вы посетите заповедную зону Нгоронгоро, где на пышных равнинах кальдеры можно увидеть капских буйволов, носорогов и гиппопотамов. Насладитесь уникальным опытом, устроив пикник у бассейна с бегемотами, всего в нескольких метрах от этих впечатляющих травоядных.

Если вы находитесь на Занзибаре и хотите исследовать Тарангире и кратер Нгоронгоро, мы можем это устроить. Вы можете выбрать между частным сафари или присоединиться к группе с другими путешественниками. Мы также можем помочь вам забронировать авиабилеты из Занзибара и обратно после сафари.

основные моменты

ДЕНЬ 1 - Перелет в Арушу, затем поездка в национальный парк Тарангире 

ДЕНЬ 2 - Поездка в кратер Нгоронгоро, затем перелет на Занзибар

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5 Questions About 2-Day Safaris From Zanzibar

Which national parks are usually visited during a 2-day Safari from Zanzibar?

When going on a 2-day safari from Zanzibar, you will likely travel on day 1 and return on day 2, giving you one night in the park of your choice. To make the most of your limited time, it's best to fly to an airstrip inside or very close to the park in both directions. With only 2 days and 1 night in a park, you should choose wisely.


If you opt to visit Tanzania’s south, Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve) or Mikumi National Park are great choices. On the other hand, if you head north, Serengeti National Park would be my first recommendation, despite the relatively long flight. Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, or Ngorongoro Crater also promise an amazing safari experience.

Is the south or north of Tanzania better for a 2-day safari from Zanzibar?

When choosing a safari park in either the south or north of Tanzania, it's hard to go wrong. It's essential to ask your safari tour operator if you can fly directly to the park from Zanzibar or if you have to change planes, as this could consume valuable time during a short 2-day trip. Generally, it's easier to find direct flights to southern Tanzanian parks. However, it's best to confirm with your operator.


In terms of wildlife, there isn't much difference between the parks. Most safari animal highlights such as big cats, elephants, giraffes, and zebras can be spotted in all parks across both regions. Nyerere Park offers a unique boat safari on the Rufiji River, which is not available in other parks. However, keep in mind that time spent on the boat will reduce the time available for game drives, where you're likely to see more animals.

Are 2 days enough for a trip from Zanzibar?

The simple answer is no, but having 2 days is better than having none at all. There are various tours and packages available, but a 2-day safari from Zanzibar will always involve flying to the park on day 1 and flying back on day 2.


The advantage of this, compared to a 1-day safari, is that you get to stay overnight in the destination and have time for game drives during the best times for seeing animals: late afternoon and early morning. The downside is that you won't have a full day in the park you're visiting.


After your 2 days, you will almost certainly wish that you had more time. However, the same could be said for nearly any length of safari. Additionally, if I had to choose between a 2-day safari from Zanzibar and no safari at all, I would pick the 2-day safari every single time.

Are all 2-day safaris from Zanzibar fly-in safaris?

Because Zanzibar is an island, it is not possible to have a classic safari experience there. As a result, you will need to fly to the Tanzanian mainland and then back to Zanzibar. Due to the limited time typically available for a 2-day safari, flying is the best way to maximize that time. However, there are both pros and cons to flying.

On the one hand, flying is expensive, making it nearly impossible to arrange an affordable 2-day safari from Zanzibar. On the other hand, if it is within your budget, the views as you fly into the park should be well worth the cost. Your trip will feel less like a transfer and more like a scenic flight. A fly-in safari means flying from Zanzibar into an airstrip inside the national park, or just outside the park gate in the case of Nyerere. This airstrip is often close to your accommodation, and you will be driven around in a safari 4WD vehicle while in the park or reserve.

How much does a 2-day trip from Zanzibar cost?

When planning a 2-day safari from Zanzibar, you'll find a wide range of packages and tours offered by different operators, leading to varying prices. The cost of your safari will be at least US$500 per person per day due to expensive air transfers. During high season and if you opt for luxury accommodation, the cost can be even higher. It's crucial to clarify what is included and excluded from the quoted price with your tour operator. Typically, the price should cover air transfers, park entry fees, accommodation, meals, guide, vehicle, and driver.


However, it's essential to ask for a full list of inclusions and exclusions to avoid surprises during payment.

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