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Hadzabe and Datoga: The tribes of Lake Eyasi

The tribes of Lake Eyasi: meeting with the culture of Tanzania

Hadzabe Bushmen, Datoga Tribe & Tarangire (2 days)

The Hadzabe and Datoga are two tribes that reside near Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. The Hadzabe are considered to be the last hunter-gatherers in East Africa and they live a lifestyle similar to our ancestors in the Stone Age. They hunt with bow and arrow and gather fruits, roots, and honey from baobab trees. On the other hand, the Datoga are pastoralists and skilled blacksmiths who make everyday objects such as arrowheads and knives from scrap metal. Both tribes offer a unique cultural experience for visitors to Lake Eyasi.

Itinerary About Hadzabe and Datoga visit in lake Eyasi

Embark on a thrilling journey back in time and join us to visit the Hadzabe, the last hunter-gatherers in East Africa. During your visit, you can take part in a bush hunt, an authentic and unforgettable experience. We will also visit their neighbors, the Datoga, at Lake Eyasi, skilled blacksmiths who craft everyday objects from scrap metal such as arrowheads and knives for the Hadzabe.
Before our visit to the Hadzabe and Datoga at Lake Eyasi, we will explore Tarangire National Park on the first day of the safari. The park is renowned for its stunning landscapes and giant baobab trees, and boasts the largest population of elephants in northern Tanzania.

Day 1  Arusha or Moshi - Tarangire National Park - Karatu

After breakfast, your guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive with you to Tarangire National Park. The park was once a colonial hunting reserve and is still very authentic, boasting diverse wildlife. The heart of the park is the Tarangire River, where you may spot elephants. Other animals you may observe include giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, impalas, grant gazelles, warthogs, and baboons. With some luck, you may even spot lions, cheetahs, or leopards. The park has a varied landscape and is also home to giant baobab trees, which attract many animals. After a long game drive, you will head to Karatu, a small town on the outer edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, where you will stay overnight in a cozy lodge. It is advisable to rest early as you will leave for Lake Eyasi shortly after sunrise.

Day 2 Karatu - Lake Eyasi - Moshi

You will have an early breakfast and head to Lake Eyasi, which is approximately an hour's drive away. The lake is home to the Hadzabe Bushmen, the last true hunter-gatherers in East Africa, with around 700-800 tribesmen living in small groups in the area. The Hadzabe live similarly to our Stone Age ancestors, hunting animals with bow and arrow, and collecting fruits, roots, and honey from baobab trees. After a welcome and insight into village life, you will join some men on a hunting expedition. The hunt is carried out quickly, especially when an animal is spotted. The Hadzabe hunt antelopes, gazelles, and smaller animals such as birds or mongooses.

Later in the morning, you will visit the Datoga tribe, pastoralists who are skilled blacksmiths. They cleverly process metal scraps into bracelets, arrowheads, and knives. You will also have a chance to visit one of the huts in the village and watch women grind flour from corn, which is later used to make bread.

In the early afternoon, you will return to Moshi, taking in the unique experience of the safari and visiting the Hadzabe Bushmen and Datoga tribe on your way back.

Breakfast; Lunch

Image by Magdalena Kula Manchee
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