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3 day tanzania camping safari

Safari from Zanzibar to Mainland 

Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar Itineraries and Cost

Safaris from Zanzibar are one of our specialties!  With more customers booking their Zanzibar beach vacations online, the demand for Tanzania safaris that begin on Zanzibar Island grew, which is why we decided to create our Zanzibar safari packages. Although the island contains a wildlife region known as the Jozani forest, which is noted for its rare red colobus monkeys, it is evident that Zanzibar is an island recognized more for its gorgeous white beaches than for wildlife safaris. As a result, our Zanzibar safaris typically take you to mainland Tanzania's genuine national parks, where you may visit the famed hot spots of the Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit or the Southern Tanzania Safari Circuit are both close by.

Our Tanzania safari from Zanzibar is a private and Group safari experience, so you may start the safari on whatever date you want, and you'll be joined by your travel companions and people from different nations. Our Zanzibar safaris can be tailored to your specific needs, tastes, and budget and your time.

If you have any questions or you want to book your safari from Zanzibar please find the tour option below.

All Tanzania Safari Starting from Zanzibar's Packages

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Tanzania Safaris from Zanzibar prices

The cost of a Tanzania safari from Zanzibar can vary significantly based on several factors, including:

  1. Safari Package: The type of safari package you choose will heavily influence the cost. Packages can range from budget-friendly options to luxury experiences with different inclusions such as accommodations, meals, safari activities, park fees, and transportation.

  2. Number of People: The price per person often decreases as the group size increases due to shared costs, like accommodation, transportation, and sometimes group discounts.

  3. Transportation Costs: The cost of your flight from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam or Arusha will impact the overall expense. Additionally, whether you choose a northern or southern Tanzania safari will determine the specific destination and therefore the flight cost.

  4. Accommodations and Inclusions: The quality of accommodations, activities included in the package, and additional services provided during the safari (like guided tours, park fees, and transportation within the parks) will affect the overall price.

Tanzania Safari from Zanzibar Cost Tour

2 Days Safari from Zanzibar Safari

3 Days Safari from Zanzibar Safari

4 Days Safari from Zanzibar Safari

5 Days Safari from Zanzibar Safari

2 Persons

4 Persons

6 Persons

1,178 US

920.5 USD

899 USD

USD 1,035 

USD 1,115

USD 1,398

USD 2146

 USD 1,815 

 USD 1,680 

USD 1,885

USD 1,990

USD 2,300

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